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Chris Melville  BSc MCom CDMP


Most CEOs Are Sceptical About Marketing

73% of CEOs agree “Marketers lack business credibility and the ability to generate sufficient growth”*

As the CEO, every decision you make is about maximising profits, improving operations and growing the business. But unlike almost every other area of the business, marketing tends to seem inconsistent, difficult to manage and costly. 

So why does this problem persist?

The real problem lies in the fact that Marketing is fluid and changes all the time.

This means there are no defined rules or specific principles that CEO’s can follow. Most of time, CEO’s are left to trying multiple strategies at once to see what works. It wastes time and money.

*Source: Fournaise Group

What If It Didn’t

Have To Be This Way?

 What if marketing could be defined, well understood, easy to manage and results driven?


More than that, what if you could align all your Executives and departments to work harmoniously as one unit? And what if there were clear metrics that made it easy for you and your marketing team to make decisions, improve and manage the investment in marketing?

There’s another way

Introducing… Strategy CODES

There’s an underlying strategy code that exists in every business. Once unlocked, it provides you with a blueprint to align your business and accelerate market leadership.

It’s the bridge between strategy and marketing that elevates your business to achieve results, fast.

For the first time, both CEOs and marketers can have a framework to make aligned and improved marketing decisions.

CODES is a strategic framework to clearly define your digital, marketing and communications strategy to gain market leadership. It demystifies the digital landscape and provides the much-needed clarity to maximise the effectiveness of your marketing.

Giving You Back The Decision Authority


CODES is the first framework designed to assist you, the CEO, to make the best decisions for your marketing. No more having to hope what you’ve been told is right. You’ll be able to assess marketing options quickly and know which is right for your business.

Greater Alignment and Progress


When you implement Strategy CODES it aligns all of your Executives, including Marketing, Finance, IT, HR and Operations. It not only helps you improve your marketing but it improves your entire business.

Delivers New Core Competencies


When you invest in Strategy CODES, we work together to build new core competencies within the business to compete better, manage downturns and move forward. This is not an agency model. It’s a collaboration to generate results.

On The Same Page

Strategy CODES makes it easy for you and Marketing to have robust discussions and reach mutually agreed solutions. It removes the negativity and tension, and instead builds trust and confidence between you.

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Meet Chris Melville

Founder and Director of Digital Strategy at Strategy CODES has worked on this issue for her entire career.

It took 27 years in marketing strategy and 14 years in digital marketing for Chris to discover the winning formula for organisations of all sizes.

Chris has spent countless hours reviewing advanced marketing training across multiple industries, testing myriad campaigns in a bid to work out the right way to execute. And she knows the issue isn’t about the people in marketing. It’s about aligning marketing to your strategic framework.

Chris has seen the frustration CEOs have faced. And knowing their time was scarce and that they needed results, she knew something had to change, and no one had the answer… Until now.

The Number One Reason Why Online Marketing Fails Is

Misalignment to

the Strategic Objectives

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is this any different from other strategic planning or marketing tools?

In order for to reach a market leadership position, your marketing needs to closely align to your business strategy. After 27 years of planning, Chris found that most strategic plans rarely get implemented, and hardly ever align with the rest of the company.

The process does just that. Every part of the strategy becomes a tool for your team to make the right decisions, take the right action and realise the goals.

2. How does knowing my CODES give me the ability to make better decisions?

CODES combines the fundamental framework that successful companies have, into an easy-to-adopt method. It combines five elements that are used to structure your marketing. Don’t take our word for it, if you schedule a call today, we will share the CODES framework with you immediately, and you’ll quickly understand how knowing this will transform your business and your marketing.

3. We’re a start-up. Will this work for us?

Start-ups are unique and need to be treated differently. CODES contains two different frameworks depending on whether you’re establishing your strategy or need to provide due diligence and market testing of a concept. There is a critical point during the first two years of operation in any business that, once clarified early, will vastly increase your likelihood of success. Click here for more information.