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3 Steps To Achieving A Market Leadership Position Post COVID


“I just think what you have taught me and helped us to understand is phenomenal. And I really appreciate it, and I have no hesitation putting you in front of anyone. I mean that, and I’m extremely grateful for your tolerance and patience as we try and understand what we needed to do!”

Brett Fraser

Chief Executive Officer, Geneva Partners - Corporate Advisory

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Hello, I’m Chris Melville

I’ve spent the past 27 years learning everything strategy & marketing to unlock what drives a leadership position.
The methods outlined in
“3 Steps To Achieving
Market Leadership Position Post COVID”
looks at how professional services, specifically how corporate advisory and financial services has now changed and what you need to access new business.

Without it, you’ll waste your time hoping referral partners offer up clients or guessing how to get online and in front of the right key decision makers and then wonder where it all went wrong.


With it, you’ll eliminate all the guesswork and will never again waste time or money in your pursuit towards a market leadership position. Use and enjoy!
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