Specialty Services

Our speciality services help start-ups and investors select what they need for right now.
A start-up business
under 2 years of operation
Build investor confidence
with due diligence
A bespoke selection of marketing services


START is a program designed for start-ups. It assesses where you need to get to and finds the minimum viable marketing activity required to generate revenue targets.

It also reviews your business strategic framework and provides clear guidance that significantly improves your long-term business viability.

START incorporates early market testing to uncover the right messaging and marketing creative. It also decides your CODES framework and allows you to make decisions and refine activities that provide the greatest chance of market acceptance.

At the completion of START you can choose to move to MENTOR, EXECUTE or SELECT


INVEST is for private equity groups, venture capitalists and founders that want to assess a new or existing business. It assesses the market conditions and strategic framework to give both the likelihood of success and opportunities for improvement or new growth areas.

INVEST provides decision markers, financial estimates, and budgets for marketing activities.

The INVEST program, also utilises pre-market testing for concepts and sales messaging limiting the risk of a large future advertising spend.

With INVEST, your assessment gives you the ability to know the way to move forward with your investment.


SELECT allows our existing and past customers to choose ad hoc services as and when needed. This covers the full digital suite of activities, marketing and publicity requirements for your business. Anything from small short-term projects to large campaigns or completely new product launches.

SELECT provides the access to marketing and digital resources as needed, without any lock-in periods. This is perfect for businesses that need flexibility and have a frequently changing resource requirement.

The program works for past and existing customers of Strategy CODES because we’re aware of your underlying strategic framework, making it easy for our team to quickly deliver results.