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“I just think what you have taught me and helped us to understand is phenomenal. And I really appreciate it, and I have no hesitation putting you in front of anyone. I mean that, and I’m extremely grateful for your tolerance and patience as we try and understand what we needed to do!”

Brett Fraser

Chief Executive Officer, Geneva Partners - Corporate


This is a true partnership where we work together to transform you from freelancer to consultancy business you’ve dreamed of.

You need this program if:


You’re not attracting the right clients to your door.

Attracting the wrong clients is a sign of three potential issues. Your market offer, your messaging and your advertising (i.e referrals)
aren’t working.

Let us show you how to position as a leader in your space and start talking directly to your right client.


You don’t have new clients each month.

Believe it or not, if you don’t have enough clients each month it’s likely your marketing strategy is misaligned. Simply put what you do to serve your clients and how you’re communicating it, doesn’t match.

We can help you warm up your market quickly, so they only want to work with you.


You’re short of time and stuck doing the client work.

We can be BUSY all the time doing client work and never building the life and success you desperately want.
There is an easier way to deliver and build a better life. Let us put you back in the driver seat.


You need things to turn around in the next 90 day or less.

Having financial pressures can also contribute to becoming stuck as well as jumping from one thing to the next, never getting enough momentum to see the results.

It doesn’t have to be that way, we show you how to bring in new business each and every month.


You’re stuck spinning you’re wheels.

Too often we procrastinate and leave things to the last minute and avoid the things that would bring new business.

We make it easy, when you have our step-by-step daily action plan to put you back on track.

Here’s what to expect:

Over three highly motivating months you and your business will completely transform into an expert advisory with a clear path for further business growth.

After 27 years in strategy and marketing and 14 years in digital I uncovered a strategic code that helps all types of business discover the right marketing structure for their business. It also showed me why so many were failing at their marketing.

Strategy CODES brings the latest strategy, marketing tools and techniques to deliver business success.


In the very first month of working together we develop a clear strategy based on the CODES framework to launch you to your market and get you in front of potential clients.


By month two we have vital feedback to really start to drive your message to your market and position you as the authority in your space.


In month three we implement a consistent pipeline to bring in new clients each month and ensure you deliver the best outcomes for them.


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Hello, I’m Chris

My name is Chris Melville BSc MCom and I’ve spent the past 27 years in strategy and marketing and 14 years in digital, learning everything there is to know about the right strategies and tactics to launch and market a business. 

I’ve worked with multiple billion-dollar Australian companies over my career and for global companies such as Nestle. I’ve launched brands that overtook major national players within 3 months, delivered websites with 900% ROI within 12months and campaigns that drove 14x ROAS (Return On Advertising Spend) for service based businesses.

One of the biggest challenges I saw were businesses struggle to know what marketing they need.

“This led me to create Strategy CODES a simple framework to unlock the marketing potential of a business and lay out the blueprint of how to effectively attract, engage, convert and deliver new business.”

The methods and strategies I’ll share on our Strategy Call have been responsible for developing some of the strongest market leadership positions for service-based businesses.

Without them, you’ll waste your time with effort chasing referrers and guessing how to get your consultancy into gear and wondering where it all went wrong. 

With it, you’ll eliminate all the guesswork and will never again waste time or money in your pursuit towards building your dream consultancy business with new clients each and every month.

You’re Only One Step From

Uncovering The Key To Market Leadership For Professional Services

Skip the trial and error by using this proven guide to shortcut your success.

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