Helping Established Businesses

Helping your established business formulate a clear market leadership strategy and execute it.

A clear strategy for market leadership

A strategy and assistance
for your existing team

A complete service, from
strategy to implementation


ENHANCE is a strategy development model that enhances the essence of the business making it ready for market leadership. The process unites and aligns your Executive and provides clarity for their decision making.

During the process we uncover your Strategy CODES.

The ENHANCE strategy looks at the aspects of your business that directly relate to delivering market leadership. Your team will have clarity around the core activities and marketing required to elevate your business in the market.

When you use the ENHANCE strategy method you’ll benefit from:

• Clearly understanding the unique drivers your business has to expand and dominate your market.

• A strategic marketing decision framework to help make the right choices for your marketing investment.
You’ll know more than your agency does about what’s right for your business.

• Big savings on your marketing spend, allowing you to focus on the activities that directly drive competitive advantage and market leadership.

• Alignment of your operations, sales, marketing and information technology teams to work seamlessly and harmoniously as one unit.

• Gaining a clear, attainable strategy for market leadership, with full visibility on metrics and leading indicators to keep you ahead of the game.

• Understanding the marketing skills and capabilities needed to fulfil your plan and decide on whether to outsource, hire or upskill your team.


MENTOR includes the ENHANCE strategy formulation, and embeds the marketing skills required to execute the strategy within your business. CODES literally develops new core competencies within your marketing team.

This program lasts 12 months and is perfect for any business that already has a marketing team. At Strategy Codes, we provide extensive training and development with weekly calls and monthly reporting tools to help the team assess their progress, giving you the ability to solve issues early.

Even if your marketing team changes, we provide the Standard Operating Procedures to quickly on-board new staff and make the handover seamless. With MENTOR you can feel confident you have full control of your marketing.

Your marketing team will benefit from:

• No more wasted time learning information that doesn’t directly relate to their required marketing tasks, while leveraging their natural skills and abilities.

• Gaining an actionable plan that outlines the clear deliverables, resources needed and attainable deadlines to reach the strategy.

• The ability to self-monitor with full tracking and measurement system to see issues ahead of time.

• A training program to upskill the marketing team members in line with your strategy.

• Weekly access to an expert team of marketers to answer any questions and continuously learn from.

• Monthly marketing reviews with the Strategy CODES team to help them refine and maintain momentum.

• Quarterly strategic reviews across the business to ensure the ENHANCE strategy is being achieved.

• Standard Operating Procedures for your marketing team to manage daily activities and allow new marketing staff to quickly onboard.

• Feeling a sense of inclusion in the business and working as a team with other departments to achieve your targets.


    EXECUTE is the complete service where Strategy CODES becomes your marketing team and agency -a single point of contact for all of your marketing. Again, it includes the ENHANCE strategy and then seamlessly executes the activities within the plan.

    EXECUTE is perfect for a business that wants to reduce their overheads and streamline their marketing. The minimum contract term is for 12 months, with a 3 month renewal period after the first year.

    You’ll receive the same clarity and visibility over all your marketing activities, and can feel relaxed that it’s being looked after.

    With EXECUTE you’ll benefit from:

    • Clearly laid out marketing activity plans for each quarter with target metrics.


    • A live dashboard to see the results of your marketing in real time.


    • A dedicated Strategy CODES relationship manager to ensure all requests are met.


    • Full digital marketing capability from ad creatives, a build-out of paid search, social advertising campaigns and landing pages.


    • A WordPress website re-development with content development and expert build design, including on-page SEO.


    • Marketing automation and email nurture sequences.


    • Community Reputation Management on social and influencer marketing (where needed).


    • Publicity and media management, including speaking opportunities and outreach.


    • A monthly marketing meeting with the Strategy CODES team to assess the performance and ensure achievement of your strategic goals.


    • Quarterly strategic reviews across the business to ensure the strategy is being achieved.