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Many find pockets of profit they didn’t know existed so they make more money straight away. 

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“I’ve said this to others. I just think what you have taught me and helped us understand is phenomenal. And I really appreciate it, and I have no hesitation putting you in front of anyone. I mean that, and I’m extremely grateful for your tolerance and patience as we try and understand what we need to do. I’ve done a marketing postgraduate course, but certainly this is beyond that. I appreciate it. ”

Brett Fraser

   Chief Executive Officer
Geneva Partners Corporate Advisory



“We reached out to Strategy Codes to get a better understanding of how we could best fill the market need. It was really about understanding our market drivers and how our organization actually meets those needs.

Strategy Codes came in and really helped pull the various components our business together and put everybody in on the same page. And that has enabled us and certainly me to save time and focus on the core critical components of the business”

Dirk Bellinge

   Chief Executive Officer
Sterequip  Medical Services

“Chris and her team provided me with not only the strategic advice that I needed to launch and scale a tech start-up, but rolled up their sleeves to deliver across a range of initiatives including content, video, promotional and digital advertising. 

I’ve really appreciated our time working together and truly thankful for your expertise, your experience and more importantly willingness to listen to me ramble on!


Stuart Scott

   Chief Executive Officer
Studium Employment Services



Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is this any different from other strategic planning or marketing tools?

In order for to reach a market leadership position, your marketing needs to closely align to your business strategy. After 27 years of planning, Chris found that most strategic plans rarely get implemented, and hardly ever align with the rest of the company.

The process does just that. Every part of the strategy becomes a tool for your team to make the right decisions, take the right action and realise the goals.

2. How does knowing my CODES give me the ability to make better decisions?

CODES combines the fundamental framework that successful companies have, into an easy-to-adopt method. It combines five elements that are used to structure your marketing. Don’t take our word for it, if you schedule a call today, we will share the CODES framework with you immediately, and you’ll quickly understand how knowing this will transform your business and your marketing.

3. We’re a start-up. Will this work for us?

Start-ups are unique and need to be treated differently. CODES contains two different frameworks depending on whether you’re establishing your strategy or need to provide due diligence and market testing of a concept. There is a critical point during the first two years of operation in any business that, once clarified early, will vastly increase your likelihood of success. Click here for more information.