Uncover Your Business’s Strategic CODES


Chris Melville  BSc MCom CDMP


Strategy CODES helps you to uncover your business’s strategic code, align the operations and accelerate market leadership.

       In all of our programs we will uncover your unique strategic CODES.

Our proprietary frameworks take your business from ordinary to extraordinary.

Understanding your strategy

What is CODES?

It is a framework made up of five core elements, each with multiple options that already exist in your business, which we help you identify. The first two elements relate to your business’s underlying strategic framework, and the last three refer to the market characteristics.

Once identified, your unique CODES provide a roadmap to for your digital and marketing. CEOs are able to easily assess new ideas or marketing opportunities against their CODES and save time and money on selecting the right marketing activity. Giving you back the decision authority to know the right move.

There is a minimum of 72 combinations of CODES, so it’s no wonder that CEOs and businesses have struggled to make sense of their marketing strategy, until now.

Simply schedule a call today and we’ll happily share the CODES framework with you and how we can make it work for your business.

As an established business you’ll likely require one of the following

If you’re a start-up or requiring due diligence or select services click here.

A clear strategy for market leadership

A strategy and assistance
for your existing team

A complete service, from
strategy to implementation

Speciality Services

If you’re a start-up or an investor, we have the right solutions. Simply select one of the following:

A start-up business
under 2 years of operation

Build investor confidence
with due diligence

A bespoke selection of marketing services