“Strategy Codes came in and really helped pull the various components our business together and put everybody in on the same page.”

Dirk Bellinge

   Chief Executive Officer
Sterequip – Medical



“I’ve said this to others. I just think what you have taught me and helped us understand is phenomenal. And I really appreciate it, and I have no hesitation putting you in front of anyone. I mean that, and I’m extremely grateful for your tolerance and patience as we try and understand what we need to do. I’ve done a marketing postgraduate course, but certainly this is beyond that. I appreciate it. ”

Brett Fraser

   Chief Executive Officer
Geneva PartnersCorporate Advisory



“Chris and her team provided me with not only the strategic advice that I needed to launch and scale a tech start-up, but rolled up their sleeves to deliver across a range of initiatives including content, video, promotional and digital advertising. 

I’ve really appreciated our time working together and truly thankful for your expertise, your experience and more importantly willingness to listen to me ramble on!


Stuart Scott

   Chief Executive Officer
Studium Employment Services



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