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Uncover your unique Strategic CODES to bring in new business, deliver exceptional results and free yourself from the grind.



I just think what you have taught me and helped us understand is phenomenal. And I really appreciate it, and I have no hesitation putting you in front of anyone.

CEO, Corporate Advisory

Strategy CODES allowed me to focus on the core critical components of the business, and enabled me to feel like I had some level of control on a well-oiled machine

CEO, Health Services

Chris and her team rolled up their sleeves to deliver across a range of initiatives including content, video, promotional and digital advertising.

CEO, Employment Sector


Your Referral Based Business Is Killing You!

They all told you to leverage your network and you did. Every time you get a call about a potential lead, you drop everything. You run around providing quotes, proposals and having meeting after meeting giving advice on the guise that they might become a client.

What’s worse is, if you are busy with current clients, you don’t even have the time. And to exacerbate the problem you can’t increase your fees because just mentioning it to an existing client could mean they leave.  You now feel it’s easier to get a new client than ask for an increase.

Starting To Wonder If You’d Be Better Off Getting A Job?

In every business lies a unique strategic code that once unlocked, provides the blueprint to accelerate market leadership.

It’s the bridge between strategy and marketing that elevates your business to achieve results, fast.

When combined with…

the two key things every Advisor, Consultant or Coach needs in their business, the results are outstanding.

What are those two key things?

1. A system to acquire new clients each and every month, and

2. Building the processes within your business to deliver service excellence, even when you’re not there.

Client Acquisition System

Remove the revenue roller coaster and never rely on referrals again
If you’ve been relying on referrals to get new business, you’ve probably found that it’s exhausting. You never know when a lead may come in.

You can’t scale because the work from each referral varies so much you end up becoming a generalist, not the expert.  It also requires you to manage the work because you can’t pass it on to less experienced staff.

Having a client acquisition system that matches your unique Strategic CODES means you can closely mimic the benefits a referral gives, such as trust and authority, without the time-consuming lead nurture and revenue uncertainty.

No more chasing leads. Get the dream clients coming to you and pick and choose who you WANT to work with.

Service Excellence System

Discover how to turn chaos into order and free yourself up
The nature of businesses reliant on referrals is that they need to change how they deliver their service for each client. Not one client is the same.

It means you can never build repeatable systems for your business, but more importantly it becomes almost impossible to create a leadership position in the market.

Uncovering your unique Strategic CODES allows you to deliver your services via a carefully designed process of service excellence and position your brand as a leader in the market.

If you’ve spent years in your field as an Advisor, Consultant or Coach, now is the time to share your unique expertise and be recognised as the leader.

Uncover your unique Strategic CODES to bring in new business, deliver exceptional results and free yourself from the grind.
Chris Melville BSc MCom

Hello, I’m Chris

My name is Chris Melville and I’ve spent the past 27 years in strategy and marketing and 14 years in digital, learning everything there is to know about the right strategies and tactics to launch and market a business. 

I’ve worked with multiple billion-dollar Australian companies over my career and for global companies such as Nestle. I’ve launched brands that overtook major national players within 3 months, delivered websites with 900% ROI within 12months and campaigns that drove 14x ROAS (Return On Advertising Spend) for service based businesses.

One of the biggest challenges I saw were businesses struggle to know what marketing they need.

“This led me to create Strategy CODES a simple framework to unlock the marketing potential of a business and lay out the blueprint of how to effectively attract, engage, convert and deliver new business.”

The methods and strategies I’ll share on our Strategy Call have been responsible for developing some of the strongest market leadership positions for service-based businesses.

Without them, you’ll waste your time with effort chasing referrers and guessing how to get your consultancy into gear and wondering where it all went wrong. 

With it, you’ll eliminate all the guesswork and will never again waste time or money in your pursuit towards building your dream consultancy business with new clients each and every month.

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